NerdinOut Information



Based out of Minnesota, NerdinOut has two locations.

One in Rochester, MN and one in Inver Grove, MN.

We are a locally owned Comic Book/ Toy store. We have over 6000 square feet of everything nerdy at each location.

We carry vintage-new Action figures, comics, video games, cards, board games and so much more.

We are on a mission to bring back a warm and inviting store that not only blows your mind with Nostalgia but also a fun interactive atmosphere for adults and kids. We hold monthly events from Swaps, game nights, artsy projects and even kids classes.

If you're in Minnesota dont miss your chance to visit this great spot. Trust us you wont regret it!

NerdinOut coming to a state near you?

Last updated: 2023-01-10 10:17:25