News for Canadian National Comic Book Expo 2004
August 30, 2004

Dealer arrested for selling illegal weapons at Canadian National Comic Expo

From Pulse24

On Friday, six people were arrested at Canadian National Comic Book Expo for selling prohibited weapons in the dealers' room. Four of the arrests were US citizens.

A plain-clothes officer entered the convention as an attendee and witnessed prohibited weapons being sold and contacted Toronto police. Undercover officers purchased five prohibited weapons. Among the weapons being sold were one-handed crossbows, push daggers, morning stars, brass knuckles, and butterfly knives. Although the complete inventory has yet to be audited, police seized "several hundred" weapons and "just shy of $5000".

Video footage of the police press conference has been posted on Pulse24's web site.

Canadian National Comic Book Expo is part of Canadian National Expo, which also include both anime and science fiction shows.

Anyone who has purchased weapons from this convention is asked to call Toronto police at (416) 808-5206.