Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo 2015 Information

This event has been cancelled.

Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo 2015

Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo 2015

October 2-4, 2015

KI Convention Center
Green Bay, WI

Comic Convention with Gaming and Toy programming

Attention everyone... This is a post that I had hoped to never post.
On May 22nd I had an accident and we had to push the convention from August to November. Then right after I announced the date, we were informed by the location that the the dates were not going to work so we needed to find a new date, which we did. That switching of dates caused a lot of people to give up on us, which I am sorry for but we had no choice in the matter. In July I was approached by 2 people who wanted to sponsor the convention with around $10,000, which was a godsend at just the right time.
Everything looked amazing at that time and therefore I booked more people and made the convention even better. Well August rolled around and it was time to collect the money... well those people turned out to be fake. Someone tried to sabotage the convention and myself, I have no proof of who did it and I will not point fingers until I do.
So I decided to cut down the roster and continue with the show, I was planning on only having Dickey Beer, Wendy Schaal, Kerrigan Mahan, Barbara Goodson, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvey, Brimstone, Amber Dawn Fox, Coleman Youmans, Chis Harrelson, Moses Moseley and Larry Mainland, and it was still going to be held at the convention center. So then after I redid contracts and let everyone know what was going on I was emailed by an agent who tells me that I owe him $4k or $5k because I notified them too late, which was not the case. So then I put that on the back burner and focused on what I could handle which was the here and now.
I then received a call about rooms & final payments. I was mistakenly under the impression that I paid for the celebrity hotel rooms & the final space rental fees at the completion of the convention not before, I was incorrect. So now I was faced with another hurdle.
I talked with one of our sponsors who offered us the hall in the GB Fear Haunted House area. It was great news! I started emailing the vendors and sponsors the good news, but I guess they didn't see it that way. I was on the airline website attempting to buy the plane tickets & come to find out there's no money in my account. Some of the sponsors & vendors had proceeded to pull their funding, which is totally understandable, but in doing so they drained ALL the money in my account.
So as I come to the end of my post, I just want to let you all know that I tried my best, truly, but this is a hurdle I just can't overcome. I'm so terribly sorry to everyone I am now letting down. But since I am now in debt thousands of dollars because of this does not mean that I have lost my faith in this city or in this convention. The 2016 show WILL happen, I have already been contacted by the state tourism place to help cut most of the costs for next year as well as been contacted by several venues that would love to host the event. Most of the original guests had their contracts moved to the 2016 show.
I hope that people can understand that this was the only decision that I could make and that people hold onto their tickets for the 2016 show which regular ticket holders will be upgraded to VIP passes along with free gifts and VIP holders will be upgraded to Special ALL-ACCESS Passes and a special members only dinner with the celebrities. For the people that do not want to wait until next summer they can start requesting refunds from the ticket places hopefully starting next week.
Denni Towle

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$46 through August 31, 2015


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