Sacramento Brony Expo 2013 Information

Sacramento Brony Expo 2013

Sacramento Brony Expo 2013

September 14, 2013

California State University, Sacramento
Sacramento, CA

TV Convention with Toy programming

Sacramento Brony Expo is created by the Sacramento Brony Management Team - a community organization that create events where fans of the cartoon reboot 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' can come together and create new friendships as well as nurture ones already established with fellow fans ('bronies').

SBMT is planning on a convention that is fun for all ages. The inaugural convention will take place on September 14th at Sacramento State University and will stand on its own as a unique event. What sets SBE apart from the rest of the brony conventions popping up internationally is that our convention will focus on the talent of the community- whether it is well-known brony musicians, visual artists, writers and everypony else.

Incorporating the attendees in with the events and special surprises of the event, SBE will make the convention a celebration of you and all who have made this community on the the most creative, talented and friendliest fan-bases around!

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$10 through July 31, 2013

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