Brony Fan Fair 2012 Information

Brony Fan Fair 2012

Brony Fan Fair 2012

September 8-9, 2012

Holiday Inn Austin Midtown
Austin, TX

TV Convention with Toy programming

Founded in 2012, Brony Fan Fair is an annual My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention in Austin, Texas. Although MLP:FiM exists today with the baggage of its girly, tea party centric 80′s incarnation, the franchise has found a much more diverse fanbase in men and women of all ages. These enthusiastic fans have caused the creation of a multitude of MLP:FiM conventions to celebrate their rapidly-growing fandom. With the numbers of conventions increasing across the United States, Texas Bronies, with no centralization of a pony convention, were stuck wondering: "what about us?"

Texas Bronies, we have answered the call. We recognized a need to unify the fandom in Texas for a day where everypony can meet other fans and geek out without fear of being judged. With a total of more than eight years of convention organizing experience, the team behind Brony Fan Fair endeavors to create such an environment by providing games and events for Bronies and Pegasisters alike to enjoy. All of this takes place in the centralized location of Austin, Texas, a city which frequently reminds its citizens to "Keep Austin Weird." This convention is for those of you who once said, "I'll give this show a shot." For those who dare say, "I'm a Brony, and I'm proud of it." For all who have come to realize that Friendship truly is Magic.

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